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Extra Lawn Treatments and more..

Scarification-​.lawn scarfing is where we remove the thatch/dead matter within the lawn this which builds up throughout the year, scarifying should be a yearly lawn services important part of lawn treatment.


Hollow-Tine Aeration-   we remove hundreds of cores from the lawn which then allows more oxygen, water and nutrients from the lawn treatments to penetrate the root and soil much better which will results in a more beautiful stronger lawn, this lawn treatment should be done once a year.

Extra Lawn Moss Control- with are specialised moss control will not only kill the moss but will stop it from spreading within the lawn, important part of a beautiful lawn, this lawn treatment is a specialised lawn treatment.

Worm Cost Treatment -. worm cost treatment is where we use a special treatment which will not kill the warms just drive them deeper within the lawn, so you do not get the cores on top of the lawn any more. (this should be applied once a year if need be)

Lawn Disease Control - we apply a specialised treatments too control the following disease which my happening within your lawn. Red thread, Fusarium, leaf spot, fairy rings, rust, leather jackets, chafer grubs.

Lawn Over-Seeding or Lawn Renovation-.we can over-seed your lawn helping towards a more thicker lawn or we can also do a full lawn renovation which is a process of removing the whole lawn and adding seed/topsoil the lawn. lawn treatments should be carried out yearly to maintenance the lawn.

Lawn Wetting Agents -  we apply a special lawn treatment which will help keep moisture within the lawn throughout the dry period and the whole year (call for price) 

Lawn Mowing-    can cut your lawn and maintain all your round, we offer weekly or by weekly lawn mowing. (Sheppey, sittingbourne, iwade, rainham for lawn mowing service) call to book your lawn treatment.

Hedge Trimmer- we will hedge trimmer service available (call for price) 

Extra Lawn Treatments- we can offer extra lawn treatments all your round if you would like to add towards your yearly program. also a great option as this will help the lawns condition.

Driveway Weed Control-is your driveway covered in weeds and need a-lot help to control the weeds well we can help you, with are weed killers the drive will look weed free. (call for price)


                                       Any extra work please call for price


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