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Lawn Treatment Service We Provide, the treatments have been created following a long research process

 Yearly treatment plan plus optional treatments

Spring Lawn Treatment -​
Our range of organic spring lawn feeds will enhance the lawn and add those important trace elements; We also at this time of the year apply our broad leaf weed killer. Working towards a more beautiful weed free lawn in which you care enjoy. Lawn Treatments

Early Summer Lawn Treatment-
The early summer lawn treatment includes a lawn feed and soil conditioner, it is also time to apply our weed killer treatment for these persistent weeds. 

Late Summer Lawn Treatment -
Late summer is when our services becomes more specialized, We treat the lawn according to the weather conditions and aim to keep the lawns looking green and health throughout the dry period, We use extensive range of lawn products to achieve this from all lawn treatments.

Autumn Lawn Treatment -
Our moss control will not only kill the moss but it will put nutrients back into the lawn, Our winters tend to be wetter for this reason we include a little lawn feed to help prevent moss taking over the lawn plus lawn growth an colour.
Lawn Tonic Booster Treatment
We will apply an organic lawn feed to help strengthen the lawns roots but to also put nutrients back within the lawn , This will prepare the lawn for spring, Also another moss control will be added.

Scarification -
Scarification is an important part of a beautiful lawn, We remove the thatch layers, organic matter and debris between the lawns lower leaf. This is a yearly lawn maintenance plan.

Hollow-Tine Aeration -
Aeration allows water, air and nutrients to penetrate the lawn and relieves soil compaction. This in turn is a important part of a yearly lawn maintenance program and leads towards a more beautiful lawn.​

Additional Lawn Treatments  

Lawn Renovation-
This process whereby the lawn is stripped back and using are specialized process your lawn will be thick, healthy, weed free. ( Contact as for more details regarding this process) can be carried out on sections of the lawn or the whole lawns.  (call for price)

Lawn Over-Seeding Treatment -
We offer over-seeding the whole of your lawn to achieve a thicker more beautiful lawn, this will improve quality and appearance.  (call for price) 

 Are yearly lawn treatment program will keep your lawn looking beautiful weed free all year round, Superior Lawn Care service is based in Maidstone  and we cover a wide range of areas so call to find out if we cover you.

  We offer yearly Lawn mowing maintenance service as-well as fully lawn treatment service your local lawn care expect.

Spring lawn treatment
early summer treatment
late summer treatments
autumn lawn treatment at superior lawn care based in kent
winter treatment.jpg
Scarification is an important part of a beautiful lawn
We can over seed your lawn for more beautiful, thicker lawn

You can count on us to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide, and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering.

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