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Frequently asked Questions regarding lawn care treatments

  • When can i start treatments with Superior Lawn Care?
    You can start having treatments anytime of the year.
  • Do i have to sign a years contract?
    Customers do not sign any contracts at Superior Lawn Care, we are a pay as you go services and do not push customers into contracts.
  • Are treatments safe for children and animals?
    We would recommand that you keep off the lawns for minimum of 2-3 hours after treatment this will allow the liquid treatments to bed in, regarding are organic lawn treatments this part is 100% safe for children and animals but again we recommand keeping off the lawns for an hour just so the product drys within.
  • Is Superior Lawn Care licensed and insured to carry out treatments?
    All Staff are licensed and insured too carry out all types of work regarding lawn maintenance.
  • Is superior lawn care a franchisee?
    No Superior Lawn Care is a independent lawn care company.
  • Can't i just buy and treat the lawn myself?
    Superior Lawn Care survice is a professional lawn care company which is qualifield in PA1 and PA6 so we only use specialised products which you will not be able to buy in garden centres or DIY stores, trying to take your lawn your self will end up being more expensive an will not get the same results as us. It's more cost effective and better results using Superior Lawn Care yearly treatment program plus we do all the hard work for you.
  • Do i need to water after treatment?
    No you do need to water after the lawn treatment but we advice you do for best results and any way you show water your lawn to help growth an root development.
  • Price Per lawn treatment?
    Prices start from as little as £15.00 per treatment depending on size of lawn, We will give your a free lawn quotation on which you will know your lawn treatment price. Superior Lawn Care yearly lawn treatment programs workout cheaper than DIY do it your self price.
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